New Astro Spark V2

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Astro Spark – an easy-to-use Windows astrology program – is out Now for any astrologer who loves accuracy and simplicity!


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Astro Spark

Astro Spark is the ideal beginner’s professional software for Windows. It is quick and easy to use with state of the art Chart calculations and easy-to-read natal chart interpretations. Professionals are also likely to enjoy the simplicity of Astro Spark. You can use this nifty software to begin your exploration into astrology or you can keep Astro Spark running in the background of your computer, and you’ll have instant access to astrology no matter what you’re doing. With one click of the mouse, you’ll get a highly readable chart wheel showing the planets’ current places as seen from your location. Click the buttons at the right of the wheel, and you can do lots more, including creating your own Natal Charts…

Features Include:

  • Accurate Natal Charts can be calculated quickly and easily using the latest ACS Atlas files.
  • Latitudes, longitudes and time zones can be calculated with ease via the in-built ACS Atlas.
  • Create, copy, edit and delete Astro Spark and Solar Fire charts. If you already own Solar Fire you can use your Solar Fire charts directly, including editing, copying etc. You can also read, copy, edit and delete Solar Spark charts.
  • Save new or edited Astro Spark charts, plus any Solar Spark or Solar Fire charts (v5 and above) that you have opened and edited. Astro Spark always saves these charts to Solar Fire chart files.
  • The ability to also open and fully display natal charts created using Astro Gold, Nova, Blue*Star & QuickCharts astrological software.
  • Simple and easy-to-read interpretation report with text by Astrologer Stephanie Johnson. A brief report can be printed out from Astro Spark thus enhancing your Natal Chart work. The text has been written in a simple format which is easy to read and handy to give to clients, friends and family.
  • Switch to an aspectarian for whatever chart is on the screen simply by clicking on the Grid button. Full aspecting information is presented in the familiar ‘grid’ style as well as the 30 degree ‘ruler’ layout.
  • Essential Dignities Table and House Almutens: pop up a dynamic display of the Essential Dignities of the planets according to Ptolemy with a listing of all the house cusp Almutens for the displayed chart.
  • Print elegant charts with or without the Aspectarian OR Essential Dignities table.
  • Quickly adjust the chart’s time, or its ASC or MC position, on the fly using the Rectify Assist tool.
  • Use the Sabian Oracle to answer questions or to enrich your delineations: Astrologer, Lynda Hill’s interpretation of the Sabian Symbols is insightful and relevant to today’s modern world. At the click of a button you can use it as an oracle (random reading), or choose the degrees of the Sun, Moon, MC or Asc or select your own degree.
  • Set alarms to signal specific mundane transits or transits to any Chart. These can pop up (even while you’re working in another program) as silent messages or be accompanied by an alert sound.
  • Watch the transiting planets whirl around the chart: move the chart forward or backward in time. First you set the time interval, then you can start manually stepping by seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years. You can also just set it going and let it run on auto until you stop it.
  • Planetary Hour and Day: Astro Spark displays the planetary hour and day, useful for the gardener, or anyone electing a time for action, as well as the horary astrologer.
  • Public Chart Data: you can explore the charts of famous people with The Australian Data Collection, featuring 440+ accurate charts of prominent Australian people and events
  • Maximise Charts and Glyphs: double-clicking on the top title bar maximises the size of your chart and glyphs. This is ideal for the vision-impaired astrologer.
  • Choice of Buttons or Menu: simply double-clicking on the background of the main screen to switch between using a Menu or using Buttons.
  • Get instant extensive on-screen help whenever you need it by pressing F1 anywhere in the program (context sensitive), or select whole help topics to read, or search for specific help using keywords.

What’s New

The latest version of Astro Spark also has some lovely new Chart Management features including the ability to:

  • Have two chart files open at the same time and to move back and forth between opened chart files instantly with a single mouse click, also display a chart from either file instantly with a single mouse-click
  • Chart files open at the end of a session are automatically re-opened at the beginning of the next session
  • Create comments for individual Astro Spark and Solar Fire charts: for v5+ Solar Fire chart files and new charts created by Astro Spark, you can add and edit comments for each chart.
  • View any events a chart may have been assigned in Solar Fire: for v6+ Solar Fire chart files, Astro Spark displays any events for a chart if they have been previously created for that chart in Solar Fire.
  • Find the near and far midpoints for any 2 zodiacal positions.
  • Phase and Aspect information, and Phase Aspect listings. This new module focuses on the phasal relationship between all chart point pairs, allowing you to generate, save & store, and print several different types of reports sorted in several ways. Below is the menu:

Here is the first page of Freddie Mercury’s Point Aspecting Point (PAP) listing, using the sort option from the menu above – sorted by Point Orbital speed, then within that by Phase order from New to Balsamic. (Interesting how Freddie had no retrograde planets.)

Below is the first page of the same kind of report (a PAP Listing), but instead with the points ordered according to Evolutionary Astrology’s Planetary Method (the EA Planetary Method sort option in the menu above).

NOTE: The “1s” on the Pluto headline: this says there has been one primary life before this one where the soul has been working on the its current set of karmic and evolutionary requirements, and that the current life however is a secondary life.

Below is part of a Phase Info report. (The faster moving point is always listed first.)

Below is a full Aspect Info report. (The faster moving point is always listed first.)


A PC or compatible computer with (at a minimum) an Intel Pentium processor or equivalent, or preferably a more modern type of processor (e.g. an Intel or AMD Dual Core or Core-2-Duo type of processor)

  • Operating System – Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • 1 GB of RAM minimum (2 GB of RAM or more recommended)
  • VGA (800×600 pixels) monitor and adapter with 256 or more colors
  • A hard disk drive with at least 40Mb of free disk space

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