Personal Solar Writer Report (emailed)

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Choose from our 19 titles to receive your own personal report



This report is specific to YOUR birth details.

Remember to include either in “special instructions to merchant” at the pay point or by separate email to …

  • the name of the person receiving the report
  • The date, time and place of birth
  • Which report title you would like to receive.

You will receive your beautifully presented report as a PDF by email, ready to on-forward or print for yourself or as a very special, personalised gift.

Available Titles:

  • Solar Writer Adolescent
  • Solar Writer Angel
  • Solar Writer Chiron
  • Solar Writer Classical
  • Solar Writer Composite
  • Solar Writer Dynamic
  • Solar Writer Fixed Stars
  • Solar Writer Goddess
  • Solar Writer Health & Wellbeing
  • Solar Writer Kindred Spirits
  • Solar Writer Lunar Returns
  • Solar Writer Medicus
  • Solar Writer Modern
  • Solar Writer Money
  • Solar Writer My Pets
  • Solar Writer Solar Returns
  • Solar Writer Star MatchMaker
  • Solar Writer Synastry
  • Solar Writer Vocation
  • Solar Writer Zodiac Child

SOLAR WRITERS information
Discover our ever expanding range of Solar Writer programs to produce well written, attractively illustrated astrology reports, suitable for clients. This review gives general information for all the solar writers. Individual sample reports are available by clicking on the illustrations in this review or by going to the individual reports from the “More Product Information” Page