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The Adolescent report has been written to act as a guide for adolescents and their parents and carers


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The Solar Writer – Adolescent report was written by Alex Trenoweth, a highly qualified astrologer and teacher specialising in childhood development. It is designed for parents, teachers and adolescents. The 16-page astrology report can help guide parents and teachers to become the caregivers and authority figures they need to be. For adolescents, this report can be the first step in understanding themselves through the lens of Astrology.

The report contains::

  • An Introduction to Adolescence.
  • Childhood – The Moon in the Signs, Aspects to the Moon.
  • Adolescence: The Sun in the Signs, Aspects to the Sun.
  • Relating to Others: The Ascendant, Mercury, Venus, Aspects to Venus, Mars, Aspects to Mars.
  • Growth: Jupiter in the Signs, Aspects to Jupiter, General Transits of Jupiter to age 24.
  • Understanding: Saturn in the Signs, Aspects to Saturn, General Transits of Saturn to age 29, Uranus in the Signs, Neptune in the Signs, Pluto in the Signs, Chiron in the Signs.
  • Conclusion.


  • Editable

Author: Alex Trenoweth
Illustrator: Jenny K Barnes

Customer Comments:
“This report is a great tool to help parents to understand potential problems and to be ready with the support that is needed. It is easily formatted to read for teenagers to gain better understanding and self-acceptance.” Narelle, parent.

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Pages: approximately 18 pages

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