Solar Writer Classical

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An ideal introduction to the concepts of Classical Astrology


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Solar Writer Classical is written in true classical style. This unique report packs a punch. It’s not for the faint-hearted!. This is a specialist report and cannot be edited.

This specialist report writer is an ideal introduction to the concepts of Classical Astrology or for research on the application of Classical techniques in a birth chart. The non-editable text is recommended for professional astrologers rather than for client work.

The comprehensive reports are ideal for:

Dignities and Debilities.
The Affairs of the House.
Planets in Signs.
Sign of the Ascendant Ruler.
Ascendant’s Almuten or Ruler.
Ruler of the Geniture.
Health? 6th House.
Length of Life? Alcocoden.
Aspects, Faces and more.

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Discover our ever expanding range of Solar Writer programs to produce well written, attractively illustrated astrology reports, suitable for clients. This review gives general information for all the solar writers. Individual sample reports are available by clicking on the illustrations in this review or by going to the individual reports from the “More Product Information” Page