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Solar Writer Dynamic provides editable transit reports for your friends, family and clients!


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As we all know the wisdom of hindsight is a great thing but can we choose how we respond to the events in our lives with the wisdom of foresight? Anyone who has visited an astrologer or printed an astrology report is probably attempting to do just this gain the wisdom of foresight when making decisions that affect our lives.

Our Solar Writer Dynamic aims to help in this process. This new report writer outlines the major transits occurring in a person’s life. Reports for any period of time can be printed, however; this report is most affective when periods of 6 months or more are chosen. This is a not a daily predictive report, but rather a monthly or yearly planner.

English and Norwegan.

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Discover our ever expanding range of Solar Writer programs to produce well written, attractively illustrated astrology reports, suitable for clients. This review gives general information for all the solar writers. Individual sample reports are available by clicking on the illustrations in this review or by going to the individual reports from the “More Product Information” Page