Solar Writer Lunar Returns

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Solar Writer Lunar Returns produces a lovely report to better help understand the effect of the cycle of the moon.


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The Moon has long been known for its effect on Planet Earth. Together with the gravitational pull of the Earth and the Sun it is know to influence the ebb and flow of the tides of the Earth’s oceans. The Earths large Moon makes it unique in the inner solar system and in turn has aided astrologers to associate the cycles of the moon with human affairs, in particular the emotions of individuals

This report includes:

  • An Introduction to Lunar Returns explaining the concept of a monthly forecast chart.
  • Your Temperament during the Month (Moon in House, Aspects to Moon).
  • Your Emotional Satisfaction during the Month (the Ascendant).
  • Turning Points during the Month (Angular Planets – you can set the orbs)
  • Your Vitality during the Month (Sun in House, Sun in Sign, Aspects to Sun)
  • Your Communication Needs during the month (Mercury in House)
  • Your Drive and Determination during the month (Mars in House, Saturn in House)
  • Your Social Needs during the month (Venus in House, Jupiter in House)

Author: Stephanie Johnson
Illustrator: Janet Bridgland

The report is approximately 20 pages

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