Solar Writer Personal Report (pdf via email)

Receive your personalised Solar Report, beautifully illustrated in pdf format by email.

Choose from:  Modern (Natal), Dynamic, Synastry, Zodiac Child, Solar Returns, Lunar Returns, Star Matchmaker, My Pets, composite, Goddess, Money, Kindred Spirits, Vocation, Angel, Health & Wellbeing, Chiron, Classical Medicus, Fixed Stars.

You will need to include your selection, your natal details (date, time and location) and of course your email address when you place your order.

Your PDF document will be emailed within 24 hours of order.


Astro Gold for Mac OS Crossgrade

Astro Gold for macOS is the latest in reliable and elegant astrology software for the Mac computer.
If you own Solar Fire for Windows or Mac Software from Time Cycles you are eligible to purchase AstroGold for MacOS at a discounted price.  Please enter your existing product name and version in the Notes to Merchant section as you order.

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Astro Gold for Mac OS ProReport Writer Birth

Once you have AstroGold for Mac OS you can now add ProReport Writers to create carefully-crafted, beautifully illustrated astrology reports to freely generate an unlimited number of reports of that type.  When your payment is processed I will send you an email with instructions and link to download your product.

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